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How to live like a superhero

 Have you always wanted to be a superhero? To be strong and fast and intuitive and save the world each day? The truth is, there is already a superhero inside you just waiting to manifest. 

Each of us have the potential to be everything we want to be. That glimmer of who you could be IS possible, but not necessarily who you WILL become.  Just as some seeds remain dormant under the tree, never blossoming into trees of their own, our potential can only be realized if we give that seed the proper nourishment to grow. 

We all have the potential inside us to be our best and our worst. Sometimes we are amazing. We do great things, we help people, we surpass our expectations of who we can be. But sometimes we are not so amazing. We are selfish, we flounder, we lash out, we sabotage opportunities. Each and every interaction we have with the world contributes to or detracts from our ability to be the best of ourselves. 

From the toxic food we eat, to the toxic relationships with people who do not have your best interest at heart, to the toxic media (music, film, tv, etc) created only for profit and force fed to you through sheer monopoly,  There are many things that make it challenging to realize your full potential.  Therefore, to become the hero you envision, you must surround yourself with the things that lift you up, make you stronger, sharper and lighter.  The things that pull you towards the best YOU possible.

Follow the universal laws of energy that dictate the parameters of our universe. 

It manifests as two opposing and equal positive and negative forces which keep the universe in perfect balance.  Order and chaos, dark and light, life and death. All energy is constantly being pulled towards and becoming one or the other.  This includes the energy of who we ARE. The dualistic nature of this world play out in our day to day lives and moment to moment state of being. 

The material world is simply a veil that hides the permeable nature of our existence. My atoms are literally flowing into your atoms. This means that everything you eat, breathe, expose yourself to, and surround yourself with becomes a part of you. Regardless of its negative or positive charge.

This world is so toxic it is increasingly hard to actually surround yourself with and consume things that lift you up and increase your power. But it is possible. Get rid of the things that bring you down and fill yourself with things that lift you up. Ruthlessly protect the sanctuary of your being and eliminate anything that does not lift you towards your highest potential. 

In this mission, there are two categories to look at: INPUT AND OUTPUT

INPUT is all the things, people, experiences, food, and media  that you receive as you move through life.

OUTPUT  is all the thoughts, actions and conversations that you put out into the world. 

Lets start with your input:



Our bodies are incredible. We can heal and regenerate like something out of a comic book. You get cut and the skin literally grows back over the wound. You break something and the bones and muscles literally heal back together. 

It's fascinating and incredible and we are only just beginning to understand the bodies potential. 

What we do know is that it takes vital nutrients found in real food for our bodies to function properly. When those nutrients are not available the body does not heal. it gets sick. and eventually dies. When those vital nutrients are hyper-present, the opposite effect occurs and your body becomes stronger, faster, healthier than you can imagine. Like a superhero. 

Today, what is sold to the masses as food is very very far from what our bodies actually need. Processed sugars and unrecognizable chemicals and modern farming techniques ( that strip nutrients from the soil ) make your body think it is getting nutrients but it is actually starving. We think we're sick or fat because of genetics or because we're not working out enough but it's all a lie. The truth is we are depriving ourselves of the basic things our body needs to function. 

Toxins, poisons, pesticides, rancid, dead and bleached things…These all do irreparable damage if consumed regularly and for an extended period of time. Our miraculous bodies are forced to spend valuable regenerative time just processing everything and getting rid of the poison. There is no time left for normal reparative work and so we become slow. And sluggish. And fat. And weak. and sick. and we age.  Eventually it all becomes too much and we get cancer. And then we die.

But there is hope. It takes stepping outside of conventional wisdom. Taking the “blue pill” as it were. 

First, stop eating anything processed including and especially sugar and flour. This includes the “natural” sweeteners like brown rice syrup, raw sugar cane, etc. Stop eating anything that has to be processed or cooked in order to be edible. Soy, canola oil, wheat and any grains that have to be cooked to be edible. All of these things take more work to process and break down then the benefit of consuming them. This neutralizes the whole point of food which is to replenish you and increase your power.  

Second, start eating as much raw leafy organic vegetables and healthy fats and proteins as you can. Raw and organic coconut and olive oil and a few of the nuts and seeds oils are the only oil you should consume. Only eat sugars that occur naturally in fruit and vegetables. These are the things that your body actually needs to function and when consuming them it allows your body to go about its job of repairing all those billions of cells and keeping you strong and fast and alert, like a superhero. 


There is a sacrifice. 90% of what you find in a grocery store will no longer be available to you. 100% of what you find in any minimart or gas station will no longer be available to you. You will feel like an alien living on a toxic planet. It takes time. First you have to detox for about three months and you might feel like crap. We eat so much sugar that coming down from the “high” is comparable to trying to quit heroin. Expect to cry. To feel emotional. This is ok. It's things stored in your body that you can let go of. That you should let go of. 

Soon, your body will respond. You will feel incredible. You will feel like a superhero. 



Your home, your place of work and the people you surround yourself with all have an impact on how much you can grow and evolve. Does your home feel good? Can you breathe? Does it inspire you? Do you spend time in nature? Do you find quiet places to relax and think? These may seem trivial, but in fact they are extremely influential to your daily state of being.  Keep your house clean. Remove the clutter. Bring life into it. Focus on bringing in positive environments as much as possible. Give yourself permission to relax and enjoy an environment that feels good. 

The second biggest part of your environment is people. Surround yourself with people who equally inspire and are inspired by you. People who equally contribute to and allow you to contribute to them. This creates a feedback loop of love and positivity which will help you grow and evolve into the superhero you envision. 

Who says you have to stick by someone who is obviously not growing or willing to hear critique? Who says you must stick with a job that does not inspire you? We are here to burst forth in all our creative power and there is nothing to stop us but our own mind. 

Don't keep doing something that doesn't work just because someone said you should, or you think it is the “right” thing to do. This life goes by so fast and you have so little time. Some people don't want to evolve. Some people are fine to sit and complain about everything they don't have without actually doing anything about it. These people will suck you down into their doldrums and it will be very hard to become a superhero. 

Nobody is perfect and we are all grasping in the dark trying to figure out how to live, but it is very clear when someone wants to grow and when they do not. Especially over time. You don't have time to waste on people that are not aligned with you. Find the people that feel good. That love you. That want you to thrive and want to thrive themselves. People that want to grow and allow you to help them grow. 


The creative process that produces media and products (art, film, literature, music, fashion)  is itself imbued with its own energy, that transmutes the intentions of whomever created it. When you “consume” this media (watch, listen, etc) that energy is passed through to you, pulling you towards the positive or negative intention of its creator. Therefore, be as diligent in what media you expose yourself to as you are with your food and relationships. 

You know those amazing movies that lift your spirit and leave you inspired? The movies that say something and take you on a journey and you want to watch over and over? Someone made that happen. Someone who had an intention. 

You knows those movies that make you want to kill yourself or give up hope for the world? The movies that seems like a bunch of men in suits sat around a big table and decided to increase their bottom line by throwing something against the proverbial wall of cinema? the movies that feel like nobody actually cared about the movie itself? Someone made that happen also. Someone who had an intention. 

While the creator of that media may not be in the room with you, it effects you just as if someone who wanted to steal or lie to you interacted with you versus someone who wanted to genuinely contribute to you.

These intentions are imbued into the DNA of the media itself and have an impact on you. 

It may seem harmless to consume media that does not enrich your life but the truth is that everything you do and expose yourself to is constantly pushing you towards your best or worst self, including music, television and films. 

Imagine you see an amazing, inspiring movie. You get inspired. You have an idea. You execute that idea. Magic happens. Now,  imagine you see a bad movie. You feel bored. Or angry for wasting your time. Or just numb to the world.  no ides occur. no magic. One can only imagine the lost opportunities simply by watching a bad movie. 

Energy is fluid and even the digital energy of media effects physical space in ways we still don't fully understand, so consuming media that inspires you and lifts you up is as important as eating food that actually nourishes you and being around people that  actually care about you. 



Intention IS everything. 

Every thought you have activates an entire world of possibility. Every single thing you think is possible and happening somewhere in the quantum multiverse that exist all around us. your intention is everything. it doesn’t matter what actions you take, if your intention is not aligned with what you really want in life, it ain't happening.

and i mean the real, deep intention.

People are run by so many things that are not forthright. we are all run by childhood decisions about the world. decisions about our worthiness of love. our place in the world. how much we are capable of. all of these decisions can run us like computer commands if we are not aware of them. Realizing our true deep intentions and really owning them is the first way to change them. On the surface, you think you know what your intention is. But when you look deeply you will find that perhaps there is something subconscious that controls you. 

Say, for example,  you want to train like a superhero. You go to the gym.  You work out. While the logical intention, wanting to be a superhero, seems rather simple, there could be a million different underlying intentions for doing this and each one will have a different outcome. Vanity, for instance.

Many people go to the gym and work out purely for vanity. One might want to simply look like a superhero. Not actually become one. So the small moment to moment decisions you make while working out will all be coming from the desire to look strong. Not actually being strong.  You may hold the weight a little different. You may be distracted by your reflection in the mirror. You may be distracted by thoughts of how attractive you are becoming. each of these infinite decisions affect your overall action. 

Now, imagine your real underlying intention is to be strong and powerful so you can move through this world like a superhero. Now, every small action will be filled with this intention. You will be thinking about how strong you want to be while working out, you will make tiny decisions that fulfill that intention and you will get extremely different results. This applies everywhere to all things. 

Be mindful of your true and deepest intention in all matters

People focus way too much on what you do. Why you do it is way more important. 



Every word you speak carries the weight of a creative act. When you say something, mean it. Speak your truth. Be honest. Even if someone isn't happy about it. Personal power comes from having nothing to hide. When you can stand in the sun and bravely let everyone see all sides of you even the sides you think are unlovable, you will truly be powerful like a superhero. 

When you lie you are telling the universe that your truth is not worth honoring. And  By lying you are making a statement to the universe that you do not believe in yourself. You are saying that what you think is not ok and should not be honored. And it won't be. 

You want to make something happen? Be honest everywhere in your life. Take responsibility when you fuck up. Own your shit. Be courageous in this. It is scary to be honest with people because they might not love you anymore. Or they will judge you. But you know what? Lying is not worth the lifetime of misery that comes with having no personal power. 

If you start looking diligently at all these aspects of your input and output you can begin to live like a superhero and start saving the world! 

Most things will try to pull you back into the land of the ordinary where people don't care what they eat, don't care about each other, mindlessly consume lifeless media and don't honor their intentions and word. 

No one said being a superhero was easy. So let these words inspire you:

The organism of humanity has an innate survival instinct just as we  have white blood cells that attack viruses and heal the body. That call you feel to make a difference is the organism of humanity calling upon its white blood cells to fight the virus of apathy that is leading us towards destruction.  You can be the superhero that fights to save the day. 

So draw from deep inside that part of you that wants to burst forth and evolve and thrive and begin to live like a superhero



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