February 11, 2015 4 min read

"The Warrior Within"

Inside you there is a warrior.
This warrior is proud and loving and steps fearlessly into the light for all to see. But most of us do not live like this. We are afraid for people to see who we really are. We are ashamed. Our whole lives we are given perimeters of “acceptable” and “normal”. These boxes become cages we put ourselves in that leave no room for the vast array of human emotion and desire. No one could possibly fit into this box, and yet we are all subject to the same human need to be accepted. So we hide even more. And we teach our children to hide. And the cycle continues.

We put on a show of the “proper” human who follows the rules and is worthy of love, all the while hiding anything that does not fit. And what is the thing that doesn’t ever seem to fit no matter how hard we try? 
Our deepest human expression of pro/recreation. 
it is so complex…so vast..we cannot possibly contain it. And so you see the paradox. 

From the desire to love more than one person, to the desire to be with someone of the same gender, to the desire to explore our naughty side, to explore our hidden fantasies there is a myriad of expressions that do not fit in the “norm” of society. When we suppress and hide these parts of ourselves it leaves us feeling alone and powerless.

This energy is the most powerful tool we have on this planet. It is how we tap into our deepest and strongest warrior selves. The root of everything we are. This planet is a beast of energy endlessly multiplying in expanding fractals of throbbing, pulsating nature. We are surely a part of it. Everything we feel is connected to this earth and our primal nature. It is the source of all our strength. 

But how can we be strong when we are so disconnected from the deepest parts of ourselves?

Through our unique expressions we explore our deepest fears and desires and, when we have loving partners that accept us for all those hidden things, we are allowed to blossom and grow and evolve into the powerful beings we envision becoming. But when these things are suppressed, our desires and fantasies, they fester. they distort. We become small. We become unsure. We become dull. It’s like turning the lights down till you can barely see what is in front of you. We hide our heads in the sand and wonder what the hell we are doing here.

The truth is we are here to grow and evolve and take all that pain and turn it into something beautiful. We are here to become the goddesses and warriors that we envision when we close our eyes because we are the creators. There is no one telling us who we should be. No one to dictate our path. No one to tell us who or how to love. We are all just tumbling through space, lost and alone with no idea of why we are here or where here even is. 

All we have is that vision when we close our eyes of who we could be. The Warrior.

That is the point of being on this planet that is full of pain. and heartache. and death. Because it is also full of life. and birth. and love. 

The game is getting from one side to the other. 

We do that in relationship with one another. We do that by embracing our desires in a healthy and honest way with loving partners who accept us. We do that by stepping fearlessly into the light and letting people in and sharing who we REALLY are. This is how we become warriors. 

So call upon the warrior inside you when you are afraid to be yourself. 

When your heart pounds and you want so much to tell the people in your life who you really are. When that yearning for authentic connection is so strong it might burst but you cling to the lie. To the illusion. To the “acceptable” you that has been in control all these years. 

Who will you be if you let it go? Only the warrior knows. 

If you truly embrace every facet of your being and fearlessly share this being with others, this world will become something new and different. Can you imagine? 

We will become a society that understands the ever-evolving fractal nature of humanity and accepts and loves all parts of it. Our children will be unrecognizable when they are taught to love themselves and their bodies and each other. Can you imagine a world where shame is a relic of the past and we shine bright and unapologetic for the beings we are? We could begin the process of healing that must take place on this planet and step into the light as the bright and shining warriors we all have inside us. 


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