October 14, 2015 4 min read


Somewhere out there in the universe there is a dream being dreamed that will save us all. In this time of crumbling eco-systems and rampant apathy, the dreams of the artists are the best chance we have to get to the other side. We have to dream of something better to become something bigger.

Everything humanity has accomplished is because someone dreamed it. The skyscrapers, the planes, the magic crystal devices we call computers...someone had to dream these things first. Someone dreamed our system of governance into existence and someone dreamed the houses we live in into existence. Everything we have made comes from the dreams of creative individuals who see something beyond the material world as it is and conjure it into reality. This dream starts with artistic expression and creativity. 

But we tell our children to get real jobs and stop following these silly dreams. We tell them they will never be a successful artist, that they are wasting their time. What we don’t tell them is that those silly dreams could be the next invention that gets us to the other side of catastrophe. The great idea that transforms our society into something that can sustain. We are surrounded by unrealized artistic potential just waiting to burst forth and we live in a world that desperately needs artists who shine their dreams outward like a star to lead the way. 

You can see it in every young face that peers out through dull, pharmaceutical-laced eyes. That glint of hope just waiting for an artist that speaks to their beliefs. You can see it in every lifeless, concrete covered street that is just waiting for a mural or a brilliant piece of architecture to revitalize it. You can see it in the timid, insecure smile of the girl who finds the perfect jacket that makes her feel strong and powerful and like she can take on the world. The entire universe is pulsing with one clear message: You can make a difference.

All of us have the potential to inspire millions of people, shining our light out into the world, but most of us have been told so much that we won't amount to anything that we shuffle through the world like we don’t matter. The rare few who are able to combat this epidemic can be spotted the moment they walk into a room. They literally shine like a star. Being exposed to someone who embraces their full potential can change everything. This is the true purpose of “stars”, the ones whom are held up by society as inspiration for us all to become more and reach for the stars ourselves.

The “reality” of stars today is nothing like this. Now we want to watch people who stand for nothing do nothing and take comfort from knowing there are others out there who are “just like us”. But complacency is agony. And our souls want so desperately to grow, to evolve, to create something magical in this world. There is a generation of artists just waiting to be free from these mental concepts. There is a clean slate of technology that allows anyone and everyone who wants to create something do it for a fraction of the cost it once was. Dreaming of something more for society is a bold, revolutionary act and while it may appear that no one is pulling for you to create your art and no one cares, you are wrong. We are desperately pulling for you. The whole world is crying out for change.

Every cultural revolution that changed our society manifested initially in the music, fashion and artistic culture of that generation. Today, the natural order of human consciousness rising through art to inspire and evolve society has been blocked like a clogged drain. Every industry from music, to fashion to film has seen a dramatic shift from purpose driven art to profit driven content and the results are frightening. Bottom lines created by people who don't care about the message or the artist have left a vacuum of uninspiring media that does nothing for anyone and no one cares about. True artists get left behind in favor of something less “risky” that appeals to the lowest common denominator. Its no coincidence that this dumbing-down of artistic mediums has coincided with a global crisis of apathy and a jaded, decentralized lack of caring about anything. When the stories being told and the art being made does nothing to lift consciousness or inspire the people then we are lost. 

So, you dreamers and artists..your art does matter. Your ideas and creativity are perhaps the most important thing in the world. People may not understand it at first, some people may not like it ever. But someone might. And that someone might go on to inspire a nation to transform its energy policies or build the next great invention that saves humanity. There is no way of knowing what kind of impact is possible and if you have that calling, that urge, to create something, don't give up on it. Follow that dream, that fantasy, into the murky waters of the unknown and see where it leads. Its worth the risk of failure, of being humiliated and shamed for speaking your truth. 

This world needs artists and dreamers that care about something now more than ever. We need the musicians that stand for something, the filmmakers that say what no one else will say and the artists that paint the world in a new way for us to reimagine what is possible. 

So help us oh ye dreamers of the world, you’re our only hope...


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