May 04, 2020 2 min read

As we enter into the new moon the eclipse and



I wanted to write a note from my heart on my own reflection

I am spending this time focusing on what I want to create

What I want to create in mass

On Create-Mass


I would like to inspire you to take sometime to reflect

On what you want to create, in your life, in your heart, in this world.


From your heart your spirit, without limitation without fear of the future or past or not having enough.


I want to inspire you that no matter where you are, or what happened to you or what you went through you can create , you can rise you can become anything you want to become .


There is many voices in this world who will put you down, ignore them including your own mind. Listen to your heart. Spent a hour or so writing, reflecting, drawing, to create a world in which you want to live, to become what you want to become.


Create- Your Reality this Create-Mass


This is the year to become your own guides, your own masters,

to create your own reality.


You are the creator of your reality.


Look within for the truth, and follow your heart and spirit.

Seek those who lift you up and help you create unity and inspire

creativity, love and expression .


This is the year to re-unite, re-claim, reconnect our minds, bodies and hearts.


The best gifts we can give to ourselves is to go within and create


Inside out.


Sending everyone love, and inspiration for this create- mass

For the Eclipse that we may all Rise together.


Thank you for all of your love and support and being part of my reality

and helping me Create- This



Jillian Ann

Designer x Visionary of RITUAL





Introducing the Venus Dress

To be worn Over everything or nothing

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By Artisan Tailors

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Photography by Jean Renard

Retouched by Clayton Beck

Designed by Jillian Ann

For the Stars Collection


Jillian Ann x Jean Renard x Clayton Beck


ps if you want to follow the music I listen to go here

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