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How Tec + Art+ Fashion could save our planet + how it produces 40% of our Oxygen and if we lost 50% of our Oxygen just for 1 second = Everybody dies = Todays conversation

Indonesia Beautiful Rainforest

26 million hectares will be destroyed for palm oil by 2025 which is 64247399.181 acres which is like if we put Alaska , California , and Texes in one and then burned every single plant down and turned it into a palm oil field. Can you imagine that and thats just in the next 9 years and all for 14 billion dollars a year in exports which is nothing . California Exported 171.9 Billion and its largest export was tec last year alone..

So if indonesia became the next silicon valley maybe it could save the rainforest


I do feel the only thing strong enough to fix this would be a mass and quick influx of industry such as art + entertainment + tec migrating its offices production and so forth here because none of those industries need to cut down the rainforest and if somehow it could create more export value without cutting down the rainforest then maybe we have a chance of saving it.

anyone of the big tec such as Google Apple etc could most likely create 14 billion worth of exporting via this country and save the rainforest fairly easy as anything that involves making money via exporting is welcome with open arms here.

Or drop a film studio, some fashion production a recording studio, there is so many things we could create and export to create jobs and help save all the beauty and animals and nature here.

At the end of the day money wins , so what is we spun it around and tried to use it to save things such as one of the last rainforest left by bringing business into it and utilizing some of that business to safehold the rainforest by buying it or securing it by creating jobs so the locals do not feel pressure to sell it to survive. The people do not want to lose it but starvation is real in a country where the normal wage is 140 usd a month.

"Today palm oil production is the largest cause of deforestation in Indonesia and other equatorial countries with dwindling expanses of tropical rainforest. Indonesia's endangered orangutan population, which depends upon the rainforest, has dwindled by as much as 50 percent in recent years."…/harvesting-palm-oil-a…/

"Since oil palms need a rainforest climate – consistently high humidity and temperatures – and a lot of land, plantations are often established at the expense of rainforests. About 90 percent (2011) of the world’s palm oil is currently being produced in Malaysia and Indonesia. Indonesia’s oil palm plantations alone already cover nine million hectares 26 million hectares are projected for 2025."…/…/questions-and-answers…

If I look at what is being exported and the fact this the third largest area of rainforest left..

Which is why I will continue to help promote more art to be created and exported ( we do not need to cut down a rainforest to make art+ tec + music + or fashion and if we can make art and jobs and save a rainforest it's a win win )

even tourism - is better then palm oil or mining every time we buy and use palm oil sadly most of us are unknowingly supporting the loss of our rainforest globally.

So come make art and export it, or come visit because when I am in the rainforest it speaks to me and watching it die make me feel extreme sadness -

I export art in hopes to one day buy a rainforest ( or parts of it ) to keep it from getting cut down . We can make way more money exporting art and tec from this country then palm oil and wood ...

10% of all of Indonesia exports is palm oil +

"What are matters that hamper development of Indonesia's palm oil industry?

• Awareness of the need for more environment-friendly policies
• Land disputes with local communities due to a lack of clarity regarding land ownership
• Indonesia is known for its legal and regulatory uncertainty
• High logistics cost due to the lack of quality and quantity of infrastructure…/co…/palm-oil/item166?

"Indonesia’s rainforests are home to some of the highest levels of biological diversity in the world. Many sources credit Indonesia as the most species rich country on earth. Spread over 18,000 islands, Indonesia contains the world’s third largest area of rainforest after the Amazon and Africa’s Congo Basin.

Tragically, the rapid loss of Indonesia’s biologically wealthy rainforests is driving in-numerable species to the very edge of survival. Only decisive action and a paradigm shift towards meaningful conservation commitments by industry and the Indonesian government will prevent a catastrophic epidemic of extinctions in the coming decades. RAN’s strategic involvement in Indonesian forest issues is aimed at ushering in just such a sea change in the status quo. Please join us to ensure our work is not too late.

Incredibly, with just 1 percent of the Earth’s land area, Indonesia’s rainforests contain 10 percent of the world’s known plant species, 12 percent of mammal species - including endangered orangutans and critically endangered Sumatran tigers and rhinos - and 17 percent of all known bird species.

And there is still much to be discovered. The Indonesian Ministry of the Environment estimates that more than half of Indonesia’s species are still unrecorded.

Indonesia has more species of mammal than any other nation, an incredible 515 species by most counts. Unfortunately, Indonesia also leads the world in the number of threatened mammals at 135 species, which is nearly a third of all of its native mammals."…

"Today, a half of the forests are gone in Indonesia. From 1960, 82% of lands in Indonesia were forests. It decreased into 68% in 1982, 53% in 1995, and 49% today. This presents significant decrease of forest area."

I went down this rabbit hole due to two peoples questions one was Zachary Larson who I was talking to on my birthday about saving the rainforest and I was like it can't cost that much, and he said well how much so I was thinking about how I could formulate what it would cost to buy a countries rainforest in the back of my mind for 3 days and all of this is because I ran into Liana Sananda who introduced us.

But ok so if most of it is going to get cut down for a business that is making around for now 14 billion a year at 1/3 of what they plan to cut down in the next 9 years that would be around 36 billion a year in exports which would need to be replaced with another business that could create jobs and not have to cut down the rainforest this is a developing country so they need to develop it is how.

The other reason I went down this rabbit hole was a customer asked me a question and I wanted to have some deeper awareness example leather good the total value of leather goods by people like me exported is 80 million last year . The total amount of goat leather produced compared to cow globally is 11.6% , goats are less impactful negatively from a planet saving perspective then say cow leather produced in places like america and india also the goats here aren't treated the way cows are in america.

The people here are insanely fast learners in tec and art and any smart company that came here would realize you can not only create jobs and help people but maybe save some rainforest too.

Rather then buy a big silly skyscraper for billions why not buy a bunch of rainforest for billions

or the crypto world like Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin why not rather then you know do what you do the places you do it invest some of that into buying lots of rainforest and creating jobs + internships that help people learn a skill so they can work in a safe healthy world rather then say a sweatshop

I know I can't save the world, So I am going to try to make a tiny dent on a tiny island

and try to get a bunch of my friends to help or other cool companies so maybe we can you know save one of our last natural treasures

companies like or Netflix or you know Facebook its just a idea and I know it's one of those hey everyone we only have a little of this thing called a rainforest left and well as much as I like activism its not putting a dent in fast enough but you know tec + art + can make dents and change happen faster then any other current business models because they already have adapted to a new way of being rather then following the past they are creating the future.

Ok now back to my business so maybe one day I can have a billion dollars so I can go buy rainforest and make cool jobs and lots of art , cause I like trees and animals and I like to breathe air that has oxygen in it. ...

" rain forests make up six percent of the earth's land surface, but produce 40 percent of its oxygen."…/…/rain-forests/

So if we cut down the rainforest we lose 40% of the Oxygen on this planet ? then what

"If it we lose 15% of current concentrations, to %17.85 it will be harder to breath we will have a harder time concentrating and thinking. Many more people would need to be put on Oxygen to survive, many smokers and others with lung and blood issues would likely die before they knew what was wrong. Some of it might depend on what replaces that missing %3.15 if it disappears because of combustion and is replaced by CO2, while not immediately fatal, combined with the lower Oxygen content could be devastating to most animal life. The healthiest would likely be OK, and those living in very green areas, forests, crop fields etc would do better (assuming the sun is out and plants are doing their thing, if it was a large fire that caused it, there might be no sun for a while, so the plants would be sucking up Oxygen too)."…

"The current concentration of Oxygen in the atmosphere is between 16 to 21%, depending on location and altitude. At an atmospheric Oxygen of less than 15%, humans have difficulty breathing. At less than 10%, humans would become unconscious and some will begin to die. 
A reduction of 75% of the atmospheric oxygen means the total oxygen percentage would have been lowered to around 5% (again, depending on location and altitude. At that low percentage, most people will die very soon."…

and it gets better

"50% of the world’s oxygen atoms disappear for a second:

Everyone Dies

The ozone layer will also be destroyed. Ozone molecules are 3 oxygen atoms; potentially all ozone would be gone. But this is not the killer effect.

All carbon dioxide could potentially become carbon monoxide, which is extremely toxic. But this wouldn’t have time to kill anything.

What if you took one of the two atoms from each molecule of oxygen? No breathable oxygen anymore, and free oxygen atoms are extremely reactive… binding and destroying anything organic they’ll touch. Still, this may not kill everything.

Oxygen is the third most common element in living organisms, being Hydrogen and Carbon. Taking away half the oxygen atoms would destroy most organic molecules, and putting them back won’t bind them together. But even this wouldn’t kill everything

But wait, it gets even better.
If you take the oxygen atom from half the water molecules… you end up with 2 hydrogen atoms. Which are not a liquid. So the oceans would BURST. Badly*.
Oh, and not just the oceans. All water bodies. Yes, your body too. We’re just glorified water bags, after all. Every cell would burst. Everything containing water.

So the second without oxygen hasn’t even finished and all life on Earth has already been extinguished… by exploding.

The return of oxygen atoms would be similarly destructive, but there wouldn’t be much to destroy at that point, anyway.

Even if the oxygen disappearance wasn’t homogeneous, and, say, only water in the seas are destroyed and not that inside land living beings, it’d still be catastrophic. The sudden explosion of the oceans and their push upwards may eject a significant portion of the planet’s atmosphere into space, and the blast wave would kill everything lucky enough not to be part of the bursting.

Oh, and there’s water under the Earth’s crust. So that bursting and ripping continents apart would also be a beautiful sight, too."…

so the conclusion is this

if the rainforest produces 40% of the worlds oxygen and if we lose 50% of the earths oxygen for even 1 second everyone dies = maybe we should do something about it before it's too late. Cause everyone dies is real, cause and effect connect the dots .

Personally living in the rainforest changes me and the air is part of it everytime I go back to a city I feel like I can't breath and if you research the effects of not enough oxygen in our body it isn't good.

"No trees no humans "…/blog/our-science/no_trees_no_humans

personal experience when I go to america my heart rate ( resting thanks Fitbit ) goes up and nothing I do brings it down when I go to the rainforest it drops and within a week is usually 10 bpm less without me changing my lifestyle and everyone feels "better here" maybe it is because we aren't suffocating .

My conclusion - we should do something or try to or at least talk about it and think about it .

Because I like to breath and a planet with no oxygen is a planet we all die in and I feel in some places we already are slowly experiencing the effects of lack of oxygen due to rapid removal of trees to produce things like palm oil or paper.

So what can we do about it ?
This is a very serious next 100 year problem and at the rate we are going even 50.

I don't want to have to escape to the moon to breath out of a tank , I think we should maybe try to just save the rainforest and the 40% of the earths oxygen it produces .

But how do we do that ? and what can we actually do about it ? besides ban and boycott palm oil which is in like everything for hippies and sadly if you look at allot of great brands it's still there. I won't list them all because its depressing but I even spoke to a large soap brand about it but they still use it . Coconut oil would work fine, or you know growing more trees in places we don't have any rather then cutting down the rainforest to grow palm oil.

So dear genius minds and fellow humans this is todays conversation or this weeks or maybe a month.

What can we do ?

I can't do it I wish I could not alone maybe with a huge group of other companies and a bunch of people with better political, writing, and business and finance skills then me .

Ideas? thoughts?

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