March 28, 2019 2 min read

She was born
with lights in her eyes
that brought the wild things
the dark things
they took her to the shadows
built cages
clipped the wings
told her she could never fly
without a leash and chain
she must obey
programmed for others
never for oneself

she lived always looking outside
wanting to be free
from the cages and chains
from the dark and wild things
from the ghost and bad dreams
from the things which broke her
until she became a thousand
broken photos
a million poems
hundreds of designs
as each moment she could
find a way to create
she took back some of her power

one day she decided
to break the chains
to leave the cage
to reprogram her program
to rebuild her wings
it wasn’t easy trying to fly
with half a wing
or while melting chains
but she kept on pushing

until one day she realized
the cage was still in her mind
then her life unraveled
faced with losing everything
she sat on the edge
and stared into the distance

searching the sky for a sign
a vision a kind word
a loving memory
anything to chase the shadows away
and give her strength to return
to her dreams
her heart
her vision
her mission

there in the dark
without the light of the moon
hangs venus
and she puts her hand over her heart
and says

I am safe
I am loved
I am supported
I am love

over and over
and with every word
her wings expanded
even as her heart broke
until she remembered
what it felt like to fly
to feel love
to be safe

and each day
she has to remember
how to chase the shadows away
the program never seems to fail
at returning in doubt
anger fear shame guilt
and she has to remember how to
not fall down but rather look up
and say

I am love
I am loved
I am safe
I am supported

Even when the world shakes
and the storms rage
and everything seems to be
falling away

and in the end she knows
she is but stardust
and all of this is just a journey
time is short
we all pass on
so what matter now
in the moment

find the lights of venus
tonight my loves
and remember how to chase the
shadows and break the chains

you are love
you are loved
you are safe
you are supported

I am love
I am loved
I am safe
I am supported

and with this arrow
into a thousands hearts
across the world
I say goodnight



Scarab Gown by RITUAL

Ritual Jillian Ann 

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