October 19, 2016 3 min read

I like to be leashed. I like to be chained. I like to be handled. What can I say? I spend so much of my life making decisions and taking care of so many things that sometimes i just want to abandon all control and let someone take the lead.

If you saw me in my collar with someone controlling that leash you may think I'm being objectified.
Or demeaned.
But the truth is this is MY collar.
MY leash to give.

I may want to give up control but i say who i give that control to.

I choose this as I choose anything...  a space of my own reflection and meditation.

I choose the hand prints on my skin and the construction of the collar, I choose the life and its style.
I choose to walk the lines that some don’t understand…
with the bliss that only love and pain seem to show me.

If I give you the leash it means you are most important to me.
I will keep your secrets and I know you will keep mine.
I will respect you and I know you will respect me.
I will love you and I know you love me.

So If I allow you to contain me it serves me.

Warped in chain or leather or silk I can transcend the hurt and rage of the body and become one with the universe. This leash and collar are a symbol of my freedom to choose and my desire for others to hold space for me. Who is in charge and who I obey. Who will I anoint my priest or priestess to conduct this ritual of transcendence.

I am Atomica and my explosions are best kept in the safety of the night wrapped in the silk of darkness and lit only by moonlight. In this extreme I find solace I find peace and it is a form of meditation, a form of self-expression written in my eyes they say are mysterious but only because the mystery is one not yet explored.

I bow only to those I love, I follow only those I trust, I choose only those I respect. I do not walk without power, for to truly surrender is to truly know what power is. I do this as a statement, not of weakness, but of strength. To know one's desire and when you want to be contained is to know oneself. I have a collar, It attaches to my leash.

I choose this because it allows me to decide who is allowed to carry it and who is allowed to handle me.
I have my rules.
Trust is not given, it is earned and if it is earned it must be upheld. I give this trust and i can take it back any time i want. Trust is the most important aspect, all else is secondary.

You are free and so am I as long as we have this as our only vow.

I trust you to handle me and I trust myself to choose wisely. My leash allows me to feel free knowing someone is looking after me.
Watching over me.
Knowing I am not alone.
Knowing that I am loved.

Cherish Waters Is wearing the Raven Gloves, Raven Collar , and Amazon Belt
Jillian Ann is wearing the Raven Collar, Raven Gloves and Athena Corset
Photography by Sequoia Emmanuelle Photography
At the Glaus Haus
Makeup by Julie Bee
Hair by Jaime Diaz

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