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Once Upon a time there was a girl born in a small town with rich, green forests as far as she could see. She loved the woods and she would spend most of her days hiding away among the trees..
Writing, dreaming, playing with the spirits and the animals she called her friends.

People were much harder. Her parents were afraid of the dark. The forests. Magic. They loved her in their way, but it was twisted by an atrophied institution that said all others are sin. They locked her away to protect her from the “secular” world and, deprived of normal child things like listening to music or watching tv or even going to school, she spent her time wandering in nature. Strangers looked at her like dinner so she stayed away and other children were cruel to her or scared of her, especially when she tried to levitate them or teach them how to talk to animals. So she learned to run away into the forest.

Soon she discovered art and being able to channel her feeling, dreams, visions and love into the creative process. All of the arts fascinated her; painting, drawing, dancing, writing, performing, modeling acting, making music and singing, playing dress up, sewing. Her days were a balance between reading, creating and playing in nature. She was happy there.

But things changed. The forests were all cut down to make room for more housing. People got meaner. She blossomed and the strangers got scarier. Her parents warned her of the wolves in the forest but the human wolves were the only ones that scared her. if it wasn’t for humans she may have never felt terror. If it wasn’t for humans she may have never struggled with wanting to live. She wasn’t afraid to walk alone all night in the woods, she never was harmed by any animals not wolves, snakes, spiders or wild things it was only the humans who hurt her.

She survived in the new barren world as long as she could but eventually she knew she had to leave or risk being consumed by the desperation, ignorance and cruelty she saw in the humans around her. She tried to find a new forest to feel safe in and searched far and wide. Eventually she found a forest of skyscrapers.

The city of concrete trees was different, she had to figure out how to have a home, how to get a car and food, she learned quickly but the human wolves still haunted her. She tried to tell the difference between the ones that would love her and the ones who would hunt her. At first she couldn’t tell the difference, she would feel the fear of being hunted but be told that she was loved. She would wake up in horror realizing she was the hunted not the loved, and she would run again this time deep into the metal and concrete trees..Still alone with the spirits even after many years.

At night she would talk to the sky and the sky would answer back..

“There are more of you out there...Don’t stop moving.. keep looking and you can find them and once you find them connect them to each other. The more you find and connect the more the energy of them will grow and you are all here to help change this world you are all here to do something together.”

And so she started looking. She knew they were out there somewhere. She moved through circles and cities and eventually she started to meet them. They didn’t feel like the others. They felt like her spirits and animals from her early days in the forest.

Each time she met one they would change each other like two planets brought together by gravity. Then came another and another. The more she moved the more she would find. She found ways to travel and make art so she could search the globe. She could walk into any room and feel them. She kept finding them, finding pockets of them, and when she did she would try to connect them to make them stronger.

Sometimes she would lose one to the shadows. She learned that the only shadow of love is fear and when the light ones with the shining energy fields would turn dark by fear she would always fight to get them back until she learned she couldn’t always stop it. She had to learn to let some of them go and it was the hardest thing for her to do. She had to let family go, lovers go, friends go. But she never stopped loving them. From the top of the concrete trees or in airplanes over the clouds as she moved in vast circles she would still send them love in big blue lights to cover their hearts. They were the ones so afraid they felt they had to fight to be powerful or destroy to be strong, or harm to be obeyed.

She learned that all that comes from fear, manipulation and force must be eradicated from our hearts and minds. In order for our world to return to balance we all must evolve into a place of love, fearlessness, trust and surrender. She realized that art, like an energetic bullet, could break open people’s hearts if it was full of love and truth. Be it a song, picture, words, fashion or anything created with that intention she knew that if she released it into the world it would continue to cause and affect people even if she never saw or knew it. The butterfly effect.

She realized she could sit in a dark room and create a beautiful thing in silence and that thing could touch thousands, millions even and find the ones like her. The ones she was looking for.
If she could just reach through the screens and touch people with her love and inspiration she knew her purpose could be fulfilled. The sky told her..
“Take what we show you and tell you and write it. Make art from it, make designs from it, create another world with it. Allow it to inspire and change this one.”

Some of the ones she had found aligned with her and together they would make art, music, fashion, love, or worlds together and together they shared these things through the magic invisible energy generated by crystals and transferred through the wires into the hearts and minds of many.

She believe that all things which came from love would travel at the speed of light, and that nothing and no one could stop it. Just like she learned that no matter how much someone hurt her.. Her spirit and being was still full of light and love and was beautiful and no one could take that away from her.

So she grew stronger. And the ones she found grew stronger with her.

She learned to trust in the wind, the sun and the stars.. In the love of others..in the goodness in the world. Fully aware of those who would try to harm her, but also fully aware of those who would love and support her.

Her artistic mediums became all mediums and her art crossed all forms. But the vision was always the same..
Find them and create new paths to bring more love and balance into this world.

The lessons she learned allowed her to create worlds within worlds. Her new spirit family grew and grew. She still had nightmares of the humans who hurt her, but now she had so many that loved her also.

The most important lesson of all was to follow her spirit, her heart and the sky, even if people didn’t want her to, or punished her, or hunted her for it.

Now she is strong, she never lost her innocence , she never lost her heart. Now she is one of the strongest hunters she knows and she has learned that the only way to overcome fear and shadows is to face them. To go into them and be stronger then them.

The hunted become the hunter
The weak become the strong
Sometimes through fear, manipulation or force.

But sometimes by way of love. Compassion. A yearning to heal and protect.
These are the ones she is looking for. These are the ones she is collecting. The ones she is connecting to each other through these crystal powered mirror screens that can bring us all together.


Jillian Ann Is wearing the Gaia Gown in Red
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Photography by John Dongara

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