March 28, 2019 2 min read

The first time I came to Los Angeles I was sleeping with knives under my pillow . People had not been good to me . Then one night I had a feeling and I made a call to this man Mr. T , he became mine and One if Ditas Mentors .

He came to get me at 3 am and I used to always stay with him , he was my protector I’d sleep under his desk while he would edit all night . He taught me allot about my worth and how to stay no , he bought me my first mixer and helped me drive 20 million hits a month to my website . Until he was erased .

Los Angeles didn’t feel the same for awhile until I was able to find others who cared more about developing artist and protecting them so they could evolve and become fully realized .

When your life’s work is a extension of your energy your voice drawings creations , all come from inside , learning how to channel that fully and become fully realized for who you are in a world which tells you often you need to be someone else requires surrounding yourself with people who push you to be more you .

I remember the first time a manager said to me “you’ll be the next Britney Spears but dark “ I never felt the urge to run away so fast . Don’t worry said the man in a suite holding a contract so thick it was like a history book , we will tell you and show you how to do everything we have people to write the songs , teach the dance even style you ...

You should

Is a thing if people tell me triggers the , wait they are trying to control me . Good news is everyone close to me never says that anymore .

I’m luck to have found a few people who care about making media for the correct reasons who are dedicated to developing and nurturing an artist even if it means taking years to make a album .

Who have invested allot into me and who have helped me evolve into the artist and person I want to be .

As I reflect about new designs new music and the direction of the brand company and me I think of wanting to encapsulate inspiration , healing , dreams , a more beautiful reality , love and wrap it into carefully crafted media bullets of light .

Be it designs photos music or film projects ...

Being around others who’s lives are on this path and dedicated to art as war is vital to that expansion and internal growth .

Now back to my creations

Thankful for my circle who I love endlessly who supports me and helps me evolve

To those people who are in the shadows but without I couldn’t stand in the light

I’m thankful for all of you 
As well as my team who I work with daily
My customers my fans and friends

You guys always inspire me and keep me going


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