February 17, 2017 1 min read

Bind yourself in this armour
Spun from stardust
Transformed into matter
Bursting forth as nature
Ingested by beings that live
And die
stripped from the remains
And laid at the altar
Of consciousness
To be woven into dreams
Stitched into patterns
Of protection
Of beauty
Of claiming these bodies as our own
And fighting for this place
We call home
Adorned in the centuries of cycles
Resurrected from the ashes of night
Let your heart pass through
The end
And beginning
Let these spirits live on through the webs of creation
So that we can transform
And remember the truth
That has been wiped from our eyes
From stardust we came
To stardust we go
And all we can ask is to grow
The vision is pure but the process aches
With the death of a thousand souls

Ritual Scarab Gown
Stylist Jillian Ann
Designers Jillian Ann 
Model Leslie Gray
Photography Zhen Images
Makeup LaDonna Stein
2 Makeup Helen Park
Jeff Ward


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