September 02, 2020 1 min read

Do you remember the moment we first felt each other. 

Past, Present, and Future forever collapsing in on to its self, time never existing.

 A love forged in the crucible of a star seed.

 Love lost and found over so many lifetimes, forever trying to collapse duality and bring balance back into this world.

Creation and destruction the eternal dance of the universe. How many times did we say goodbye?

To sit across from each other lost in each other’s eyes, to find each other again over and over.

The remembrance of everything…

Lying in the pale beautiful blue lights as it cascaded over our skin.

How our hearts radiated energy across time and the multiverse of skies. 
Forever surrendering and allowing our energy to shift not burn, to love unconditionally, to love both the shadow and the light, collapsing duality and separation.

We return to shift time over and over again, until we create a world with no struggle, duality, and separation- world in balance.

Find Us
We Found You
We Remember
Do You?

Wrap yourself in this gown, in the remembrance of this great love.



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