January 21, 2017 1 min read


The queen of hearts
knows the risk she takes
setting up these games
dealing cards and bearing arms
into the battle fray

she has locked herself in beauty
magic castle halls
so long that she forgets
what awaits outside the walls

so she ventures out
into the great and oh so terrible world
clutching her cards to her beating chest
disaster looms at every turn

what if she reveals
her fragile hand much to soon?
what if she hold out to long
and everything she'll lose?

but she plays and takes the chance
risking all she built
because the risk of never knowing love
is oh so greater still

to play and lose is better
than to never play at all
wondering forever
what might have magically resolved

just a whisper of possibility.
the chances are not great.
and yet she plays. and plays and plays.
trusting in a fate.

a glimmer. a wish.
a dream
of a life familiar
yet oh so far away.
she believes in her namesake

the queen of hearts.
the queen of hearts.
she loves and loves the game of hearts even when the heart does break.

Jillian Ann is Wearing a Custom Made one of a kind Gown created for a film Project

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