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  • From The Stars -
  • As she sat staring into the sky she could see the war machines coming toward her. Within the vehicles she could see beings she did not recognize, they did not look or feel like anyone she knew and they did not look or feel like friends.
    She was afraid of them and that fear rippled through the universe. Her judgement became a siren call that blared like a trumpet through the stars. Intended as a warning to her fellow Lyran people.
    The beings within the war machines felt the pulse. In that moment they could see the fear and the judgement and interpreted the warning as an attack. To defend themselves, they launched their greatest weapons down upon the planet where the signal had come from.
    She knew immediately what had to be done. Her siren call became a glimmer around her people that could teleport them away from the danger. But with such little time to escape she knew that she had not acted fast enough. That her fear and her judgement had set off a chain of cosmic events far greater than she had ever intended.  
    She collapsed time around her to try to save as many of her people as she could, crystallizing the time and space of that moment. She hoped that she could come back some day to repair her glitch in the universe. 
    They went into the galaxy as they left the blue planet that they called home and watched as it was consumed in fiery white light. 
    The Lyrans were faced with a difficult choice to make:  Where would they go?
    Some decided to stay in the glimmer and dance among the stars for all eternity.
    Some found new timelines and new dimensions where their hearts felt free and their souls became boundless.
    And some went toward the other blue planets that might welcome them as their own.
    Although her people went on in peace, she was haunted by this loss of her home world and the ripple of the consequence that spread throughout the whole universe. 
    The illusion of separation and fear created by a single judgment.
    With her new body and her new planet, the knowledge and strength of her own powers became obscured. With the spread of the illusion, some of her people had forgotten about their power entirely.  
    She spent hundreds of years seeking out her fellow Lyran people in the hope that their combined strength would help her in her quest to restore the balance in the universe and reverse the damage that had been done.
    As her spirit was endless she was born many times, and died many times. Each time she chose to return to the same place to continue her mission.  As she found more of her people and convinced them to help her, they too made this choice.
    Along the way she was met with doubt many times.
    "Why are you here?" they would ask her.
    "To end the unnecessary destruction." she would say. 
    "What is your plan?" they would ask her.  
    This question was more difficult to answer. She knew that at one time she had known exactly what to do, that they all had known exactly what to do. But as the illusion spread the answer faded further away from them.
    "We must remove the illusion," she finally decided. "To remove the lies created by the illusion we must destroy the fear of what we do not understand."
    She had a vision that they could all work together to shift the energetic blueprint of the planet.  If they could remove the fear, if they could remove the judgement, if they could remove the hatred, they could prevent their new home from facing the same fate.
    To do this she would have to teach not just her own people, but all the people, the ways of Lyran.  She would have to show others that every thought, every word, and every action comes together to shape our collective reality.
    She would have to teach that there are no small moments. The ripples throughout the universe are constant and significant, and we can choose the kinds of impact we make.
    "Each time we choose love over fear, we re-write the blueprint and remove the illusion" she would say. 
    She knew she might never succeed at her mission to fix the mistake she had made all those lifetimes ago. But she also knew that the next time she saw the ships coming through the sky, she would greet them with love and the hope they were coming to help her re-write history for a better future.
    Featuring the Lyran Bustle Harness 
    Part of the Stars Collection by RITUAL
    Photography by Clayton Beck 
    Production by Ric De La Rosa
    Special Thanks to Scott Turek
    Special Thanks to the Glass Haus and Eric Hart
    Lyran Bustle Harness + Lyran Bodysuit + Dream Harness 
    The Stars Collection by #RitualFashion

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