March 28, 2019 4 min read

A little story on who co-creates RITUAL ❤ How your clothes are made ❤

It started when I couldn’t get the complex designs I wanted to create made. After going to factories for months daily just trying to get a good sample.

I was frustrated , I wanted to work with the people making the designs not talk to some people in a office who always told me nice things and most of the time they couldn’t deliver or said its too detailed can’t you make something more simple.


I do not want to make anything more simple I want to make art, beautiful, sculpted art not just another box of material we call fashion .

Then it started with bravely going to work with the tailors despite the looks from the factory owners, most wouldn’t let me near them . Then one day There was this one guy, covered in tattoos chain smoking and listening to my type of music. I had that feeling.

The I know you, the we have a connection. After losing my biggest order after giving a factory all the money and them not delivering with endless reasons . I wrote a note, if you ever want to leave come find me.

He did thats how it started.

I had no backing People said it is insane to take on that many lives to support without a buffer. I did it anyways.

I believed in what we could create, I believed it would work out, I believed somehow we would do the impossible I believed in us.

They believed in me, and we started, for the first 3 years most of our “profit” I invested in them . I tried to empower all of them to rise up, to become masters, to all make patterns to work together in a new way . One that allowed everyone to create, inspire and help each other.

I spoke them endlessly about eliminating the power structure most factories built to keep things cheap and controlled. How I wanted us to be a team, how I wanted them to be one.

They have become that, they have evolved and grown and all become masters . They all are pattern makers, and designers, and amazingly gifted at what they do.

They sit on the floor with me for hours going over sketches and ideas, cutting and changing altering and revisiting pile of ideas. They show up for me and I do everything I can to support them , their wives, the ever increasing children.

It makes me happy to visit their homes and meet the family, to see the children in school and many of them getting nice bikes or cars. It makes me happy to help slowly get them out of the old system of poverty and slavery that the majority of garment workers experience.

I get into debates with my operations and production managers because I always want to raise their salaries constantly , because as they do more amazing work I want to give them more.

When we had storms at RITUAL, they collectively worked with me to even provide me credit. That blew my mind , it also made me realize I needed to continue to come with a open mind and open heart, compassion, empathy and learning how to talk in languages I never knew before.

We communicate mostly through intuition , telepathy, gestures , but it works and they have often humbled me.

How hard working they are, how happy they are and how they believe in the dream as much as I do . So I want to say thank you and all of you who wear it and feel the magic.

It comes from allot of love, from me, from them, from music, from changing a system even if in our tiny microcosm , to creating a new one, to being a team. They love creating beautiful things and seeing it in the world and so do I .

Everyone who is still with me shares that, in their own way and it makes me happy to co create with such gifted people.

Who have learned to understand me and I understand them.

In the car one night on the way home one of my newest ones said with bright eyes full of energy .

All of us everywhere have the same heart...

This is coming from people who are currently under attack and judgement just because of what they choose to practice spiritually.

Sometimes they make me cry because I see how lost many of us have become and how what they still have left from the ancient times is still a fire in their hearts..

These are some of the people who help create the magic. I am thankful and endlessly grateful for all of them , including the ones not in this picture , soon we will have to get the whole team together, that involves some cross planet arrangement.

Thank you also to all of our customers who have supported, ethical fashion, eco friendly fashion, fair labor fashion.

That support changes their lives and their families and mine. We appreciate your compassion as a growing business who is recreating the system from the bottom up so that it can be ethical and fair, loving and fun, inspired and magical for everyone involved.

Sometimes it takes us longer, we are still learning but as we learn we all evolve in the end the most important thing to us is that when you receive something you feel the energy , the love, and the vision we weave into our seams .


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