February 05, 2017 2 min read

Image Credits (From left to right)
Leslie Gray Is Wearing the Nymph Custom Gown and Waist Cincher
Jillian Ann Is wearing a Custom Open Front Bustle Corset Gown
Glass Olive Is wearing a Nymph Custom Gown Made in White Flower Print
Stephanie Edmark is wearing a
Photography by Zhen Images
Makeup and Hair by LaDonna Stein LaDonna Stein
Makeup Artist Hair and Makeup #2 Helen Park
Styled by Jillian Ann
Designs all by Ritual



We want to dress people in beautiful clothing
To cover the scars with lace
The tears with armor
To take the beautiful blown open hearts
Make them shine on the street
The dream is not to be rich
But to inspire a dream of a world
In which we can be free
To express ourselves
No matter who we really are
To be supported in our broken bones
Or our superhero strength
To be able to be loved
When we break
And when we rise
To take back everything
That was taken from us
Our power
Our freedom
Our rights
To be who we are
Without rules created
To control us
To make us small
To limit us
So We want to dress you
To remind you and everyone who sees us as
All of us despite our color
Our race
Our religion
Our expression
That each and everyone of us
is unique beautiful powerful
and most of all
even when we bend and break
We rise
So remember who you are my loves
you are all
and all those scars
Just make you shine
all those tears
just make your love
break out of the the boxes
we were placed in
so rise my loves
in your

Never forget
who you all
really are

do not lose sight
in the noise my love
in the fear
or the chaos
the storms or the winter winds

remember the sun
breaking down on your beautiful heart
full of love my dear
and rise into your
never forget
always remember
you are