July 19, 2020 1 min read

As Featured In Chic Miami Magazine

Jillian Ann - Designer and visionary of Ritual Fashion is truly a renaissance woman. A musician, model, writer, environmentalist and world traveler she brings all of these influences into her fashion designs. 

Modeling helped her launch her music career and as she toured the world, playing small venues to massive shows at Burning Man and EDC, she kept looking for the coolest clothes to wear on stage and off. While a great admirer of many fashion designers. she decided that her style was a bit different from what was readily available and Ritual was born.

Her passion for environmental issues, the ethical treatment workers and the endless search for style proved to be the foundation upon which Ritual was started and has since grown.

- Marco Peralta, Chic Miami Magazine


Photography: Clayton Beck Creative

Additional Photography: John Dongara and Jade Moon

Poetry and Fashion: RITUAL by Jillian Ann

Special Thanks: Ric De La Rosa and Marco Peralta