Zero Waste Exchange System

One of the major issues facing the fashion industry right now is the waste that comes out of the never ending cycle of disposable fashion that moves through the fast fashion industry with shocking speed. each season tons and tons of plastic garments are thrown away left to live forever in evermore full landfills.

we are creating a new path, a better way, and we want you to be part of it. 

As such, we offer a zero-waste policy for owners of our leather garments. If you no longer want the garment, and it is in relatively decent condition, we will buy it back from you for store credit towards future purchases. Our buy-back percentage ranges from 25-70% of retail value depending on the condition of the garment. 

Then we refurbish the garment and resell it to customers at a reduced rate and make sure the design can live on with someone who wants it. 

To use this policy, just save your receipt of purchase (should have been emailed at the time of purchase) and include it when you contact us to process your return.

First we assess the value, sort of like a thrift store might when buying your used garments, and then we send you an email with the approved value and a link to access your store credit. 

We honor the resources used to make our garments and are committed to making the garment last as long as possible.We are aware of the impact creating these garments has on the planet as well as the people worked very long hours to sew design and create these garments and it is very important to us that those impacts are honored for the life of the garment.

This is why we created the Zero Waste Exchange System.