Couture Orion Gown


It was said they destroyed the worlds because they had been betrayed.The broken heart, the lost loves, the deception, the twist of fates.

Lead to the white horses the exploding stars until it was stardust.

Now we remember how many times did we destroy everything because we lost love, because we were betrayed, because we were too afraid to leave , and rather then protect ourselves we destroyed the world so we didn’t have to feel.

It was easier to judge , separate, vilify, and destroy than to weep until the stars fell as raindrops from the sky. 

Orion falls into the earth in the tiny drops of water carried through the galaxy and back to you and me.

Creation, Destruction, cycles turning , one cannot be without the other. Why do we try to hold on so tightly.

Let go

I weeped I cried a thousand tears into the dust and then it formed the most beautiful stars which came back to shine down on us. 

Then I destroyed it, I returned to the darkness, wept, those tears became a thousand butterfly wings which flew back to into the sky and became a thousands starlights.

I destroyed everything till only ashes were left and then those ashes carried into the wind returned as a thousand stars lost on my lips.


I do not need anything not even you 

As the beloved is always returning, creating, destroying,

it is only when we try to stop the cycle to hold on to, to not allow it to be destroyed to be reborn to evolve suffering returns.

It is not the destruction that creates suffering it is the idea that destruction is loss , rather then rebirth.

It is not the ashes and the flames that cause pain

but the idea that pain is something less than bliss

Yet we can only feel the depths of love as deep as the depths of sorrow 

Therefore I dive headfirst into the darkness and soar above the clouds in the light.

Everyday I let go of both knowing they will both explode into a thousand stars which will be carried back on butterfly wings.

I will fall and think I will be alone forever and weep in the darkness until the day I find peace in it and then will come the sweet surrender leading to the kiss I missed arriving and leaving at the same time.

Let go

Let it burn

Let it be destroyed

So it can bloom

It can evolve

It can return back to you

Return in time and see the reflections standing as the worlds explode into the sun. 

Watch it burn and weep tears of joy as I know what will be reborn will be even more beautiful than what was lost.


$ 9,000.00 

(Gown as Configured in picture available for sales)

The gown may includes options to make layers that can break apart so it can be worn many ways.

Each bespoken gown is created for you with care. 

Selected Options will effect price

Lace Choice, Leather Choice, Layer Choice

Included in the base Price of the gown and after a 50% deposit made


Selection of Customizations

Facetime with designer

 Final fitting in Bali, Berlin, New York or Los Angeles 

One alteration

Before final dilevery the other 50% must be made

Normal 4-12 weeks depending on designers schedule.

Rush 1 month +25% fee

Any questions inquiry within 


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