Couture Two Suns Gown

The Two Suns Gown

 Life is the process of remembrance of who we truly are. Signs are all around us if we listen carefully. 

To truly find one sovereignty and expression.

We came from a world with two suns, and when we look inward we still see the two suns, which remind us of our spirit. A sprit that wants to be free to express its divine will.

 A sprit that is creator, dreamer, lover, friend, limitless. 

 In the world with two suns our gift was both shadow and light in endless flow and unity, a world 

of endless beauty and energy with no struggle or separation. A world of unconditional love, valuing our 

tears as much as our laughter. Honoring ours scars as beautiful reminders of how vast our love is. 

 A world in balance.

 The Two Suns Gown is the remembrance of this world in all its express

 Let Ritual help you remember your divine place in this world and end the illusion.

 We are all royals, all queens, all kings, all beautiful, created in divine perfection. 

 This Gown is from this world of  the Two Suns, a world in which we all came from and forgot. 

 The Two Suns Gown is the remembrance of this world in all its express. To wrap your body in the stars. 

A gown in violet blue lights and glass crystals reflecting back into the sky as a signal to all those to 

remember who we are and unit as one. 

Perfect, Beautiful , and Divine, where the shadow meets the light.  

$ 18,000.00 

(Gown as Configured in picture available for sales)

The gown may includes options to make layers that can break apart so it can be worn many ways.

Each bespoken gown is created for you with care. 

Selected Options will effect price

Lace Choice, Leather Choice, Layer Choice

Included in the base Price of the gown and after a 50% depostite is made


Selection of Customizations

Facetime with designer

 Final fitting in Bali, Berlin, New York or Los Angeles 

One alteration

Before final dilevery the other 50% must be made

Normal 4-12 weeks depending on designers schedule.

Rush 1 month +25% fee

Any questions inquiry within 


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