Two Suns Choker

Crafted Delicately worn powerfully our Two Suns Collar is a addition to any wardrobe. 
Comes in Leather or Vegan Options. 
We Ask you measure your neck and each it made by hand just for you. 
Send in your Measurement when you order or we will email you. 
If it is a gift we can help you determine their size. 
Choose from Two Suns Print , Black or Custom color from over 80 color options. 
Located here
Email us your neck measurement and color selection after ordering. 
Inquiry within with any questions. 
All RITUAL offerings support artistic expression, fair labor, and ethical fashion. Our preferred materials are eco-conscious goat leather, however vegan alternatives are available on request. On the order page simply select from the "Choose Your Color" menu for vegan options, and feel free to include a note with your order with your materials preferences.

Please email us with any questions or requests for additional customization:

All RITUAL PRODUCTS support artistic expression, fair labor and human rights .
All Created out of Goat Leather By -Product of the meat industry, if you would like a Vegan Option Choose Pick your own color to pick from various Vegan Options . 
Email Us with any questions or custom request.

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