Two Suns Eternal Bands

Love is eternal it changes shapes and forms but never ends
It is our highest path it is the end game to be in love with everything, with everyone, to find the gift, the lesson the meaning. 
To let go, and yet always carry it within. The Two Suns Eternal Bands are to remind us it is our love which is eternal, our energy which carries on. 
We wrap our love in these bands to wrap them around you, to remind you, you are loved, and to love the light and dark. The shadows and light, to fear nothing, not even ending as love only has a beginning.
All RITUAL offerings support artistic expression, fair labor, and ethical fashion. Our preferred materials are eco-conscious goat leather, however vegan alternatives are available on request. On the order page simply select from the "Choose Your Color" menu for vegan options, and feel free to include a note with your order with your materials preferences.

Please email us with any questions or requests for additional customization:

All RITUAL PRODUCTS support artistic expression, fair labor and human rights .
All Created out of Goat Leather By -Product of the meat industry, if you would like a Vegan Option Choose Pick your own color to pick from various Vegan Options . 
Email Us with any questions or custom request.

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