Two Suns Oracle

In my dreams I remembered you

We were in the world with two suns

You were a King, I was an Oracle

I had always remembered you I watched you

Expand and arc

you were the King of the light I was the oracle of the dark

We circled always with fond hellos and gracious moments

Until the moment you realized the light wasn’t always so light

and I realized I had to stop hiding in the dark

and we met in the center seeking unity

In ourselves to dissolve the separation

within so we could carry it without


As we Choose to unify our hearts, spirits, minds, bodies

and connect to source

the more the vibration shifts for all of us

I hold us now in the light of the highest outcome

For us all and I hold myself in the light for the highest

outcome for all

I embrace all of the shadows and darkness

and bring it into my souls fire

till it burst into flames and becomes light

The Two Suns Oracle Piece can be made longer into a dress or as is.

Created to be worn over everything or nothing.

Color and Leather Details Customizable

Each one will be made to your body and bespoke 


A gown in violet blue lights and glass crystals reflecting back into the sky as a signal to all those to 

remember who we are and unit as one. 

Perfect, Beautiful , and Divine, where the shadow meets the light.  

$ 2,333.00 

Each bespoken piece is created for you with care. 

Lace Choice, Leather Choice, Layer Choice

Selection of Customizations

One alteration

Normal 4-12 weeks depending on designers schedule.

Rush 1 month +25% fee

Any questions inquiry within 


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