Unity Fashion Mask

--- Unity--


Inside Out

upside down

Comes down

To Choice

Choose not fear

Our Will creates

Our lives

There is no Them

It is only Us

Only you and I

I am you

You are Me


Game Over

Fear Hope


We are Atoms

We are Energy

What changes them ?

Our Mind

All is the mind

The mind is All

See the game ?

In the meantime

I’ll be in eden creating

in my video game playing

join us if you choose

Choose a new game

End the old game

Flip the switch

Light Dark

Dark Light

It’s so Easy

Just Flip The Switch

It’s all Inside

inside Out

Upside Down

In the Mind

All is the Mind

The Mind is All

What's stopping us

Us not them

Me not you

Create the

World we want to see

This is All a Game

Create your own reality

Write your own story

I’ll be in Eden

Daydreaming of Unity

As the Stars Align

Remembering the time

When we rise



This face mask cover has been designed to go over safety masks for travel or as a fashion accessory to protect against unauthorized facial recognition data-banking.
Beautifully sculpted out of metal and leather wearable art shifts the space.

For effective protection against viruses the face mask cover must be with a  N95 3M filter or mask we have created pockets internally for easy re-use and cleaning of mask and filters as well as diversity of use depending on the level you are seeking. 

If you need to you can wear it as is, so others can see you and remember you. 

If you need additional protection against pollution you can insert or make your own carbon filter, if you need additional protection against viruses switch it out to a N95 3M Filter 

The design is available in over 50 leather colors or in vegan alternative materials.

Comfortable adjustable options of ties, or buckle your choice please state in the note which you desire. 

Introductory price for the first few will be 250.00  ( for black or white ) a 350.00 value comes with a free eco modal scarf from Lenzing Modal.

Rush, Super Rush and Custom Colors additional fees.

We created two sizes XS-M and M-XL 

Most mask fit all sizes the size difference in in the chin and jaw area. 

--- About The Collection ---

RITUAL presents a collection of fashion accessories designed for adventure and exploration in our new Lyran Protection series.

The Lyran Protection series is part of the Stars Collection includes masks, gloves, clothing and face coverings made from leather or vegan material options. All standard orders can be customized to fit your features with our measurement guides.

We hope to keep the offerings in this collection as affordable as possible to encourage fantasy, exploration, and safety around the world.

All RITUAL offerings support artistic expression, fair labor, and ethical fashion. Our preferred materials are eco-conscious goat leather, however vegan alternatives are available on request. On the order page simply select from the "Choose Your Color" menu for vegan options, and feel free to include a note with your order with your materials preferences.

Please email us with any questions or requests for additional customization:


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